You can smoothly play video with DmitriRender in Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) player. It is recommended that you use latest version of the player.
You can found MPC-HC here:

Make sure you have the latest video card drivers installed (it is not recommended that you use beta-drivers. For best stability use WHQL-drivers). For NVidia video card use drivers 353.30 or above. For AMD video card use drivers 15.7 or above. For INTEL video card use drivers 15.33.36 or above.
The latest drivers can be found here:
Drivers for NVidia video cards
Drivers for AMD video cards
Drivers for INTEL video cards

It is recommended that you turn off MultiGPU-mode in the video card driver settings.
It is strongly recommended that you turn on Aero mode in Windows 7.
For INTEL video card use RAM in multichannel mode.

You must install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX library.
You can download it on the link:

! ATTENTION ! You need to download and install Visual C++ Redistributable for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (32-bit and 64-bit versions).
The latest package can be found here:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 redistributable

Download 30-day trial version DmitriRender install:

Download from mirror:

Step by step DmitriRender installation process:

Run DmitriRender install program.

You must accept the terms in the license agreement and press «Next»:


In the first run DmitriRender will ask for activation. Choose «Trial period»:

You can go to the MPC-HC settings to be sure that all setup as needed:

DmitriRender is specify in MPC-HC external filters settings:

Done. Now you can smoothly play video files.

When smoothly playing video in the system tray you will see green triangle:

If your video card performance is not enough you will see red triangle:

In default settings DmitriRender algorithm uses resources (GPU) as much as possible. If you have loud or powerful video card you can reduce his load by changing “Max GPU Load”. This will lead to lower noise and energy consumption by quality degradation and less amount of computation. Also you can use utilities for adjustment for the cooling system. E.g., MSI AfterBurned

When DmitriRender started it is not recommended run programs that occupy much video memory, e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer.

By pushing the right button of your mouse on the DmitriRender green triangle in the system tray you can change «Max GPU Load», set “3D Layout ( Frame Packing )” to “2D ( Mono )”, “SideBySide ( Left/Right )”, “OverUnder ( Up/Down )” or “Blu-Ray 3D ( DualStream )”, turn on/off the “Tearing Test”, turn on/off the smooth playback (“Enable”), read manual (“Help”), and go to the developer site:

In Windows “Start Menu” / “All Programs” / “DmitriRender” you can run license manager for DmitriRender activation and deactivation, read manual (Help), register or unregister DmitriRender as DirectShow filter in the system, and uninstall DmitriRender (remember that uninstall will not deactivate DmitriRender. For deactivation use license manager):

If you planning reinstall Windows or change your computer configuration please deactivate DmitriRender BEFORE you reinstall Windows or change configuration. This will allow you do not loose your license and activate DmitriRender again.

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